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Meta Description: If you are searching for a lightweight, portable and user-friendly vacuum cleaner, you are on the right page. This article provides you with all the insights about the popular vacuum cleaners which will assist you in cleaning your homes.

The task of cleaning is hectic, especially when there are kids or pets at your home. Cleaning the house seems to be an easy task, but indeed it’s not; you need to do regular cleaning to keep your home tidy. To help you sail through the cleaning chores, we have compared the best vacuum cleaners in India, which are also available at the Bajaj Mall, at discounted prices.

Based on the available space, carpet area and cleaning location, you need to consider a suitable vacuum cleaner for your house. With their increasing popularity and sturdy performance, vacuum-based cleaners have become everyone’s cleaning companion. Therefore, you need to know about the different types of cleaners and their specific features to choose the best model based on your cleaning requirements.

5 Major types of vacuum cleaners:

There are majorly five types of vacuum cleaners, which can be classified based on their function and design.

1. Handheld vacuum cleaners

Handheld vacuums are ideal when you need to reach out to clean the painful and hard-to-reach corners of your home. As the name suggests, handheld cleaners are held in one hand to carry out all the cleaning tasks like dusting the corners of your car. It’s a user-friendly cleaner with a powerful suction feature that collects dirt and debris, but it would not be that efficient when it comes to basic floor cleaning, as it takes a longer duration to clean, and you need to hold it throughout the process.

2. Upright vacuum cleaners

Upright-type cleaners are the most popular and in-demand vacuum cleaners. These are the most prevalent forms of vacuum cleaners spanning from media advertisements to sale outlets. The reason behind the popularity of this model is its powerful cleaning performance, ease of use, and user-friendly functions and accessories. The advanced features enhance its workability on carpeted surfaces as well as on bare floor areas. Upright vacuum cleaners are the first choice of new vacuum cleaner users.

3. Stick vacuum cleaners

Stick vacuum cleaners have a long stick-based handle and a slender structure, and the slim body buildup of this cleaner enables it to clean hard-to-reach corners. These vacuum cleaners are the least powerful among all the types, but they have a wonderful cleaning performance on rugged areas, hardwood floors, and light carpet floor areas.

4. Canister vacuum cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners are a transition between the upright cleaners and the stick models. These cleaners compliment the upright models in cleaning performance but have a slender frame, similar to the stick vacuum cleaners. The only difference is that a separate canister is connected to a long stick that cleans the carpeted floor and similarly bare flooring areas. These feature-rich vacuum cleaners are comparatively expensive due to their multi-functional design.

5. Robotic vacuum cleaners

With technological advancements, robotic vacuum cleaners are now used with great ease as they require less manual handling. Robotic technology-based vacuum cleaners move freely inside your home and collect all the dust and dirt through their cleaning action. This latest league of vacuum cleaners saves time and reaches inaccessible places like under the sofa or bed. These cleaners are expensive, as they are equipped with the latest remote controlling functions.

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Top 5 vacuum cleaners which you can choose from:

Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner (ROBOVACNMOP)

This robotic vacuum cleaner has a dust capacity of 0.5 liters and is fitted with four different types of brushes. This advanced cleaner runs on battery power and has an inbuilt cleaning indicator and an alarm system. With its powerful suction capacity of 1200 Pa, you can clean your house with the least human effort.

Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner portable type (Prime)

This model has a powerful and efficient dust suction capacity of 2300 W and is a one of a kind vacuum cleaner. This variant of the Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner is the best configuration of aesthetics and power-packed efficiency. The Prime dry vacuum cleaner takes care of all inaccessible places like cabinet shelves, upholstery, grills, carpet areas and other dust-stricken places to ease your home cleaning.

Kent Zoom cordless vacuum cleaner

The Kent Zoom cordless vacuum cleaner is provided with advanced force technology used for sucking dust particles of different sizes. This Kent cleaner is equipped with an efficient washable HEPA filter that increases its dust collecting capacity. The vacuum cleaner is fully charged in 4 to 5 hours and gives powerful performance for up to 30 minutes.

Dyson Absolute+ Vacuum Cleaner (V8)

Dyson V8 Absolute+ cordless vacuum cleaner effectively cleans your home and makes it free from all sorts of dust and dirt. This handheld vacuum cleaner is light in weight, and its cordless function assists you to clean your sofas, curtains and vehicle interiors. Its power-packed suction capacity collects up to 99.97% of microscopic dust elements and has bin storage of 0.54 litres.

Velway V8s Robotic floor cleaner

Velway V8s is an intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner that exhibits a highly efficient and qualitative cleaning experience engineered for your homes and offices. It is equipped with multiple functionalities like mopping, sweeping and 2-in-1 suction modes to cater to all your cleaning needs. This Velway robotics cleaner comes with a smart app and remote controller that can set time and control all the cleaning modes like automatic cleaning, scheduled dusting and fixed-point dusting.

Purchase the best vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have become essential products for households that you can buy at an affordable price to keep your homes free from dust. As per your apartment carpet area and the level of assistance required, you can choose from the handheld, stick-based or upright vacuum cleaner models. As you spend most of the time at your home or office, to drive away all the allergy-causing dust particles, you need to clean all the places regularly, and these feature-rich cleaners help you sail through the process. Purchasing the right vacuum means you are making an investment that pays off results for many years by maintaining the cleanliness of your homes.

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